Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WINNER: Angel Contacts Giveaway!

A lot of you have been asking me about the winner of my Angel Contacts giveaway, and I'm sorry if this took quite a while, I have just been caught up with a lot of things. Without further ado, our winner is....

Congratulations! I will be sending you an email afterwards wherein you will have to reply within 48 hours or I will have to pick another winner. 69 of those who joined the giveaway have followed Angel Contacts on Facebook, while 68 have followed them on Twitter. So I'm hoping that you will all keep up-to-date with Angel Contacts long after this giveaway! ;)

And just a reminder to everyone who joins online giveaways, not only mine, but all giveaways in general - please keep in mind how important it is to follow instructions. I've drawn names that sadly failed to comply with the requirements and out of fair play, I had to disqualify them. The first name I picked up, for one, didn't leave her GFC name on the extra info box I provided, what she left was my GFC name and not her own. Yes guys, bloggers verify the validity of your entries, trifle as that may seem. So I hope that this will be a lesson and a reminder to be more careful next time. 

That's it, and congratulations again to the winner! And thank you so much to our sponsor, Angel Contacts!

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  1. How cool, and congratulations Joanna! :)



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