Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fairness and Flawless Lip Exfoliator

Hey, cookies! I hope you still remember me, haha! It feels like an awful long time ago since I last wrote a review. I figured it's high time I share with you all my experience with Lip-Ex from Fairness and Flawless.

Previously, a local beauty company named Fairness and Flawless sent me a bunch of products to try out and review. Everything looks promising and I was so elated about them, but if there's one thing I was a little indifferent about it's the lip scrub. When I read lip scrub, I was like, errmmm ok. What am I gonna do with that? I didn't find the need for it at that time. How wrong I was! When I started using it a few weeks ago, I couldn't stop it. I got hooked.

Like most products from Fairness and Flawless, Lip-Ex is housed in a white tub. Upon opening you will find a lid to avoid spillage and secure the product inside.

The pertinent point in using a lip scrub is to remove dead cells and regenerate new ones, making lips a lot softer and smoother. I like applying Lip-Ex using my ring finger and gently rub on my lips for about two minutes, or until I feel the beads slowly melting. I wipe the product with a cloth or tissue and - tadah! My lips are softer, smoother with a hint of pink. I am so impressed that it leaves a pinkish tint. Apply lip balm afterwards and your lips are in tiptop shape.

I noticed that the dark outline of my lips are starting to fade! I no longer have that dark line on the center of my lips. So what I plan to do, is to focus application on the sides to get it even. I shall update this post and show a photo of my lips once the line is gone completely, just to prove to you guys how amazing it really is. It lightens effectively, so I would advice this to anyone with pigmented lips or dark lip outline. Of course if you have chapped lips, this will work wonders as well as it helps remove dead skin.

Lip scrubs are one of those products you don't think you need until you use it, trust me! For me, it is even quite addictive. There was a time that I was thoroughly enjoying the application of lip scrub that I did it everyday. Wrong move! My lips dried out. Like face exfoliation, Lip-Ex must be applied only once to twice a week to get optimum results. 

Contact Fairness and Flawless on Facebook to find a dealer near you. Living in Iloilo area? Text 09177154733 and look for Ms. Raissa.


  1. this sounds pretty awesome! i think I may have to start using lip scrubs now!


  2. I've never seen a lip scrub that can also tint your lips!!
    I should really start using a lip scrub. My lips are so dry because of winter :(

  3. Ooh, I haven't tried any lip scrubs before, but this sounds especially good as I have pigemented lips.
    I like the pink colour of this ^_^


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