Wednesday, February 5, 2014

GEO Honey Brown (Toric) from EYECANDYS

Lately, I got quite obsessed with natural circle lenses. Remember what I said about collecting different color circle lenses? Well, I take that back. I've ditched all my colored ones last year, and natural is what I'm aiming for this year. 

And here's my first review to spearhead many more natural-looking circle lenses I'll be having this year. EyeCandys gave me the opportunity to choose one pair of circle lenses from their website, and I grabbed the chance to pick the best one I could find, and it's the GEO Honey Brown (Toric)

GEO now holds Toric circle lenses which are made to order, and according to their website will take about 1 - 2 months of waiting time. However, I feel mine didn't take that long, I think I got the package in 1 month at the most.

GEO lenses are probably the most comfortable circle lenses I've owned. I've had GEO in the past and it never disappoints. Careful though, coz lots of shops carry fake GEOs, but at Eyecandys you can be assured you get only the real thing.

Yes, I got -2.5 power for both my eyes. It's always important to get prescription to protect your eyes. Of course, they also came with a lens case.

Look, it also carries a wear and care guide which has very cute illustrations. I thought I knew everything I should about circle lenses until I read this. Found out I was a noob! So you might wanna go over it too!


I cannot stress out more how important natural-looking eyes are for everyday. Circle lenses have a tendency to freak other people out, so make sure you pick the right color and diameter. Since my eyes are a natural brown, brown circle lenses are the one for me.

I also like that the diameter of this GEO Honey Brown (Toric) is only 14.00mm so it enlarges my eyes without making me look like a weirdo.

Here is an I.D. photo of me wearing GEO Honey Brown (Toric) One can hardly tell I'm wearing any circle lenses!

I just love it! It's comfortable, natural and pretty. It enhances but not overpower the natural look of my eyes.

Check out EyeCandys for more!


  1. They look super natural! Really can't tell that you're wearing lenses :O

  2. I've never tried circle lenses before! I need to try them! they look really natural on you! thanks for the review!

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